If you don’t use the coffee that you brewed, put the excess in ice cube trays. These “coffee ice cubes” can be used in lieu of actual ice cubes so that your coffee won’t taste diluted. You can also use them to flavor cocktails, or in hot coffee so you can drink it sooner.

Try freezing any extra coffee you have in a tray for ice cubes. Drop a few of these cubes in your next iced coffee to keep the drink both cold and flavorful. You can be creative with these coffee cubes and use them to enhance coffee-based cocktails or chill a scalding cup of coffee. Carefully choose the water you use to make your coffee. Coffee made with terrible tasting water is not going to taste right itself. Of course you still want your water to contain some minerals. Without trace minerals in the water, the brewed coffee might taste rather bitter. This article told you what you need to consider when buying coffee. There are many styles out there so it’s important to choose wisely. Remember the tips you’ve read here as you buy your next gourmet batch. How long you brew your coffee has a dramatic effect on its flavor. Between four and five minutes is generally the amount of time required to achieve flavorful coffee. Over-brewed coffee tastes bitter. Under-brewing causes the grounds to have a bland taste.

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